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Michael Gantt
04.06.12, 00:00

I wanted to write this letter of recommendation on two accounts:

First, our driver Johnson is the epitome of a gentleman and professional driver. His service to us was exemplary. He was always early and never late for our departures; his driving always reflected his care for his passengers and their safety and comfort. We were so blessed to have him as our driver for the entire week as he carried us from Nairobi to the
Masai Mara, then to Oyugis, and back to Limuru. He was a joy to be with and an excellent reflection of your company and its values. We would always appreciate having Johnson as our driver in future trips.

Second, for Topcats Safaris. Yours in an excellent company that provides excellent service to your customers. I know our trip was a bit out of the ordinary for what you normally do but you met the challenges successfully and fulfilled your contractual obligations to the maximum. I
highly recommend Topcats for anyone desiring a satisfying African experience.

Thank once again
Michael Gantt
Kenya Development Fund
Brattleboro, Vermont USA

22nd May – 4th June 2012
Dean J. Tatooles
24.02.12, 00:00
My name is Dean J. Tatooles.

I am a professional travel photographer and owner and operator of Southern Cross Galleries. I had the distinct pleasure of traveling with Andrew Karanja of Top Cats in November 2011.

Photography is an activity that requires spontaneous action -- particularly in Africa where the lighting and weather conditions can change by the minute. Andrew went above and beyond to adapt to my needs and place me in the best position possible to obtain the images I set out to capture. Besides his extensive knowledge of the topography and wildlife in Kenya, Andrew is one of the most kind and personable people I have met throughout my travels across all seven continents.
I came to Africa for business and left with a lifelong friend. Words in this brief testimonial cannot convey the extent by which I recommend Andrew and his team at TopCats for your dream African safari.

If you would like to see some of the images Andrew and I captured or would like to speak directly with me about my experience, please visit my website at
30.03.11, 00:00
"Jambo Andrew,

First of all I want to thank you for this very good organized and save Safari trip
to Meru, Taita and Mombasa, which I enjoyed a lot. As some of your other clients
mentioned before I also never felt any moment unsafe, neither in your country nor
with any animal. Due to you long experiences you know exactly how to react not to
disturbing the animals. I was really impressed about all the animals we discovered
by your good eyes which I would not have seen myself, like striped Hyena, the
Aardwolf, the black Mamba. As this is already my 3rd trip to Kenya I never thought
finding those rare animals of which most people never heard and never seen. Also it
was really nice to get to know more of your culture, your people and the great
hospitality in Kenya, it really makes me feel very comfortable and very familiar,
which I really appreciate.

Like I told you many times I really appreciated the way you are doing your job as
you did a great job, so good organized. And from all my other Kenya trips I can say
that this was the best organized tour and as you know I chose you as my guide as I
know you from my last trip and was sure that I have a good, save and responsible
driver who will not risk any danger. Also the trip last year in September 2010 was
great and I appreciated your knowledge and your skills as guide.

Already I recommended you to other people in my country from whom I think they could
be interested to have an individual trip!

This trip was unforgettable for me and as I think that there are still so many
things to discover in your country which I haven�t seen yet, I do hope it will work
out for me to return to make another trip to see other parts of your country.

I am hoping for another safari very soon!

Asante sana and kwaheri,
Daniela, Germany (March 2011)"
Sandee and Kurt Kludt
30.10.10, 00:00
A trip of a lifetime!!!!!

My husband and I had the pleasure of joining TOPCATS Safaris and Andrew for over 3 weeks of a phenomenal trip to Kenya in August. It all started because a trip to Kenya was the top of my "bucket list" and my husband was just kind of going along for the ride. Well after numerous game drives and stays in wonderful tent camps and lodges we are BOTH looking forward to planning a trip back in a couple of years.

The trip was extremely well organized and there was never a moment that we felt unsafe either from people or the animals. Andrew was constantly making sure that all of our needs were met. He has an unbelievable knowledge base of his country and the wildlife and we learned so much. Our pictures, because of his tremendous ability to second guess the behaviors of the animals, are breathtaking!!!!!Kenyan people are so very welcoming and warm and their country is beautiful.

We would not consider doing a tour in Kenya or Tanzania without Andrew. It truly was the best trip we have ever taken. We highly recommend TOPCATS Safaris. You too can have a trip of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!

Sandee and Kurt Kludt,
California, USA
October 2010
30.03.10, 00:00

Words cannot express how wonderful this holiday has been. It was made wonderful by your organization, your skill, your knowledge, enthusiasm and friendship. So we will keep in touch and I will be back in Kenya as soon as possible. With love and gratitude.

March 2010.
Ursula and Jorg
30.03.10, 00:00
Dear Andrew,

Jorg and I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful journey in Kenya, which we have had to your perfect preparation and organization, your competence and above all, your friendliness.

We have loved traveling with you, learning so much about Kenyan wildlife and birds, the country and its people

All this made us feel not like tourists, but as friends.

Asante Sana!

Ursula and Jorg, Germany

March 2010
Judy Howlett
30.04.09, 00:00
Jambo Andrew,

Our trip was truly memorable. Absolutely fabulous, I loved Samburu and I'm already telling everyone how wonderful it is and how a safari with Topcats is what they need.

One colleague is seriously thinking of making the trip. He would come with his son. and he has asked me to ask you to cost out much the same trip we did except going straight from Nairobi to Samburu, 3 nights there, then on to Nakuru, two nights there, then a week at Turtle Bay.

It was a real highlight to meet your family - and to plant a tree! I do hope we will be able to have longer together next time I come - and there will be a next time.

Thank you again so much for everything you did for us. It could not have been better. It was the best trip I've ever been on - 100%.

With love to you all and photos to follow.

Judy Howlett,
Hitchin, England.
April 2009
Deborah Sims
30.04.08, 09:21
Jambo Andrew,

Just a very quick email to let you know that we are all back safely in the UK and, guess what, it is rainy and cold!

Thank you so much for making our trip so fantastic and for arranging everything so carefully. It really was a trip of a lifetime and we all really appreciate all of your hard work. Also a big thank you to your parents, Regina, Derek and Alex for welcoming us into your home. It was lovely to meet your family and I'm really sorry we couldn't spend more time with them.

We will definitely be back in Kenya at some point and would love to meet up with everyone again then.

My son Andrew was very reluctant to go to school and both of them wished we could have stayed longer in Kenya - in fact we all do.

Our love to you all - thanks again for a truly wonderful holiday.

Deborah Sims
April 2008
Mark and Alice
30.11.99, 00:00
Dear Andrew,
What a nice surprise to see your email waiting for us upon our return. We arrived in Washington, D.C. around 5pm Wednesday night. We had spent 28 hours traveling home! I spent most of yesterday (Thursday) sleeping, and Mark had a job interview that was planned prior to our trip.

Our weather here is in the 40�s (Fahrenheit) and raining a lot. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with you! You were most gracious in accommodating us and our needs. We had a wonderful time, and are very pleased with your services. We plan on making many recommendations on your behalf. Sammy was most helpful as well. Again, thank you Andrew for such a wonderful trip. We miss Kenya and all your beautiful people!

Your friend,
Mark and Alice Feffer,

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