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Topcats Safaris has been supporting wildlife conservation activities in Kenya through individuals and groups. With an incredible history, Andrew, has had a real impact of birdlife in Naivasha area in The Great rift valley by supporting different conservation programs and our recent activity was tree planting in the town of Karuri in Kiambu county. Topcats safaris has achieved the much needed impact in conservation.


ConservationAndrew and Alex have been involved in Earth watch Institute's study of the short maneless of the lions of Tsavo at Taita ranch operating a 12 nights stay in a month since the year 2002. Several highly successful data have been recorded and will be very useful to the conservation of lions and the diverse wildlife and habitat in Tsavo wildlife area and at the magnificent Kenya national parks.


We are also members of nature Kenya, formerly East African Natural History society which support and over looks the welfare of the conservation activities in East Africa. The society have just celebrated a 100 years in nature conservation, the milestone of the achievement of creating what is now known as the national parks and reserves. The educational programs have perhaps the greatest impact especially mobilizing the entire societies and in particular the young people to engage in tree planting activities; setting Eco-tourism enterprise, de-snaring programs in the wildlife areas and working with the community in these areas to sensitize the importance of wildlife conservation and its importance as a source of revenue.


Topcats safaris have always been ready to support the modern ways of sustainable development with great care and to protect the habitat loss. As a corporate member of Nature Kenya, a membership organization which derives its strength from membership support. We believe our membership will help communities to conserve sites and species while bettering their lives, influencing environmental policy and monitoring the status of biodiversity in Kenya and beyond as most of our natural areas are in serious long-term decline, that's why we have supported this vital support to our natural world. Kenya has less than Tree planting4% forest cover which makes the largest water catchments areas in the country. Nature can be very unforgiving, over grazed land can result to deserts and eventually destroy wildlife and livestock; likewise the over exploitation of the forests can dry up rivers and bring untold suffering to all forms of life dependent on water.


The government has a great role to play in support of these programs; the introduction of subsidized solar energy cooking and lighting equipments to save trees and affordable protein foods because meat is expensive which often makes bush meats business to thrive in the wildlife areas.


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