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White Throated Bee Eater

East Africa boosts of 1250 birds species representing about 15% of the worlds' species with the majority being migrants from other continents. The range of the topographic features offers a diverse habitat that increases the high avian density and making the region a busy passage way for migrants from the Northern hemisphere.

These habitats include coastal line, rain forests, grasslands, dry bush lands, swamps and Rivers all the way to high altitude moorlands and Afro-alpine. If your wish is to watch these birds in their natural environment, Topcats will be delighted to organize bird watching tours to your specification and enjoy from the smallest warblers to the largest Ostriches.

We welcome you to East Africa for an amazing bird life experience with utmost care and least disturbance to their environment. East Africa is thus a bird's paradise where even amateurs will find it captivating.


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