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Photography Safaris

East Africa's wildlife and scenic beauty can be photographed easily right from your hotel, on game drives or in the hot air balloon. Whether, you are taking silhouettes, close-ups, wide shots, panoramic or actions photography. With the help of your guides and your knowledge on the use of your photographic equipment, you got to be in the right place and time for a successful capture.



However, patience plays a major role in your success and especially when anticipated action or behavior is likely to happen. On many occasions on game drives, animals have accepted us and even came close to the vehicle offering superb photo opportunities, of course, observing the rules and regulations setup by the National Parks and Reserves. Topcats guides have driven for thousands of miles in the African wilderness and are familiar with photographer’s needs; they will position the vehicle at your desired angle with utmost care to avoid disturbing your subject. Our safari vehicles are four wheeled land cruisers well designed with comfortable seats and big windows that offer perfect view. We carry three photographers in a vehicle and leave the front seat for non-photographing guest. These passionate guides will let you do your photography in your own style. In the so called "golden light", we photograph any subject available on sight unless instructed otherwise. Our game drives begin in the first light each morning with packed breakfast returning back to the lodge in the late morning.

East Africa is one of the best places in the world to photograph wildlife, so experience the photography with us. Our greatest concern is guests' safety and photographic equipments; we handle them with utmost care right from the time they arrive in the country until the time they leave. It is the teamwork that works between the clients and guides. We keep a high profile at all times and ensure we do nothing which we could be criticized by others. The ethics has always resulted to successful safaris. Travel with us for the ultimate experience!




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