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Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife Safari

Topcats offers all year round safaris in various National parks, reserves and private wildlife sanctuaries in East Africa.  At present, the wildebeest migration has come to be known as the seventh wonder of the world.

This natural phenomenon once described as "the greatest wildlife spectacle on Earth" also attracts other migrating animals like zebras, Topis and Thompson gazelles' and occurs from the month of June throughout October and attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Our guests, right from the students, tourists, scientists, individuals and families have appreciated East Africa's prolific wildlife since early 1960's.

Topcats passionate guides will share their knowledge with you on all facets, stopping for small creatures like ants, frogs and dung beetles to the much larger animals with big public appeal like elephants, rhinos and big cats. Whether, you are on tour alone, with friends or family members, you are sure of a great African adventure.


Wildlife Safari

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