Topcats Safaris genesis dates back to mid-90s. Today, it is a well-established and privately owned safari company with regulatory licensing to operate tours and safaris in Kenya and the greater East Africa, including the Indian Ocean Islands. We at Topcats Safaris believe in sustainable and responsible travel and have a proven passion for nature conservation and ecotourism.

We operate on a philosophy or irrevocable focus to customer care. The company is well equipped to handle the challenges of the tourism industry in offering variety of travel packages well-tailored to the needs and aspirations of the clients; both individuals and groups.

Topcats relies on professional management model through a team work spirit through the skills and competence of its staff. We only wish that you could join us for your holiday in Africa.

Our Core Values

Value For Money

Zero tolerance to exploitation. We seek to give value for money


We have memberships at KATO, ASTA and Nature Kenya. Our guides are medal holders of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA). They continue in field research and are known contributors to key forums in areas of specialization


We NEVER switch accommodations after booking a safari


Our product knowledge, route mastery and guiding expertise has privileged us to lead celebrities on safari and helped the defunct BBC Big Cat Diaries.

The Team Leader

Andrew Karanja is passionate about travel and has over 22 years experience as a field guide, certified travel specialist, team leader, mentor and trainer to all who have come under his care.

Privileged to travel to USA, Greater Europe, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania, his cross-cultural skills and understanding is a fountain of knowledge, expertise and assurance to the wider clientele of Topcats Safaris.

Our Promise

We shall endeavor by the grace and strength that comes from God to the preferred safari wheels in the region. It shall be very much to our purpose to offer quality service and satisfication for your choice of us.

We shall do everything possible to improve on the areas pointed in your feedback forms and in online review sites where our company is listed.

Topcats safaris is passionate about 7 things:-

  1. Creating unique journeys and experiences
  2. Sustainable travel and ecotourism, and undying love for nature
  3. A focus on customer satisfaction. Making lasting impressions, friends (not merely clients)
  4. Birds, their habitats and their photography
  5. Cats. Yes we love cats, hence our name.
  6. Mercy and Philanthropy, Mission Tours that change lives, one by one
  7. Increasing knowledge, understanding and excellence in our field of enterprise

Our Safari Cost

The cost of this safari will vary depending on date of travel, type of accommodation, transport mode and number of people on the safari.

Please contact us on email or phone +254 (722) 350 505 and and we shall get back to you within the shortest time possible.