John Kanyi

Professional Qualifications: KPSGA, Silver Level

Professional Qualifications: KPSGA, Bronze Level

Personal Attributes: Good rational speaker; worthy of time to listen

Passion: Wildlife guiding, motoring, community development, grandeur safaris

Commitment: Nature conservation and ecotourism

Others: Businessman with high return investment focus, Foreign Languages

John is a certified safari guide licensed by Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife. Proud holder of Bronze Level certificate from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA), Kenya’s most prestigious qualification for professional safari guides.  John is a graduate of Interworld College for Cultural Exchange & Tourism with qualifications in Tour Guiding & Languages.

John has over 26+ years leading tours and safaris across Kenya. Topcats Safaris recognizes his advanced product knowledge with multi-lingual capabalities and is great in innovating unique journeys and experiences, not merely tours. His work ethic is a model for Topcats Safaris service charter.

His exceptional interpersonal and communication skills are proven from his studies and is a great man with an admirable personality.  Among great guides Topcats Safaris has, each with different capabilities and passion, John is one to choose for a holiday with value. A man with deep soul, commitment and focus to important agenda, John is a true born leader