David Kanyiri

Professional Qualifications: KPSGA, Bronze Level

Personal Attributes: open, conscientious, agreeable, focused, hard worker.

Passion: Understanding management gift, problem solver and resolver. Excellent wildlife guiding skills

Commitment: Nature conservation, travelling and inter-cultural exchange

Others: Thinker, a businessman with an accomplished gift. Learning and seeking valuable opportunities.

With over 30 yrs in the tourism industry, David Kanyiri is our most senior guide and partner. His wealth of knowledge and experience is true curriculum for a learner with similar interests. David is a mentor, a teacher and a giver.

Certified with KPGSA Bronze Level Certificate, David is a family man whose passion for toursim that gives benefit to community is undoubted. David has a vision of starting a foundation to give back. His exploration of the best way to do it is on-going.

David has witnessed changes in Kenya’s tourism industry as years went by, and his words are a spiel to consider. Plan for safety first, give value and ensure there is fun in any adventure. Whether its a one day city tour or a 4 day tour to prime places or an itinerant safari above 10 days with a beach relax, David truly defines what Topcats Safaris mission and vision is, ‘Creating journeys and experiences’.

David is a careful planner. His way of bringing realities to proof and making sure there is balance to everyone is a rare gift among guides