Collection of Personal Data & Information

When you get in touch with us for the first time by use of web contact forms, phone calls or live chat, some of your personal data is collected automatically and stored for further engagement and contact. Our webiste uses Google Analytics & Statcounter for site traffic management. The use our website constitutes an agreement to to our privacy policy.

When you visit our website or interact with us thereof, our travel consultants will ask you some personal questions to improve on the holiday experience you could be imagining in order to add on to your ideas for better value. This information is safely stored and in NEVER shared with third parties. Although it is quite rare in our field to have situations that require such, it cannot be done without your express consent.

Subject to moderation, we allow those who have been on safari with us to share their travel experiences in our safari blog. That is a personal experience, and such stories remain in our servers too.

We’ll ask you for information such as your name and contact information, your email address, and, if you travel with us, your passport details, flight information etc.

We collect such personal data for three main reasons:

  • Facilitate booking for hotels and services featured on your itinerary
  • Ensure a smooth pick-up at the airport (hence flight no)

When you visit our website or use our mobile and/or tablet apps, there are abstracted visitor statistics apps installed that tell us about your IP address, Geo-Location, what device you are using & its display parameters, the web browser type, pages you visit and time you spend on each. We use this information to assess website performance.

When booking a safari with us, we’ll ask you to tell us a little more about yourself, such as any health conditions. We only do this so we can plan your trip around any special requirements you might have. We encourage you to use travel insurance you get yourself. In our website, we have featured ourselves as affiliates or partners with some travel insurance providers. It helps us when you choose to use our affiliate account or link to engage them.

When you travel with us, it is obvious to have a certain level of personal interaction and times of sharing stories and personal experiences. It is natural to take photos and videos together as we move from place to place. You take ours and we take yours. At certain times, we can request you to send us some of these to add to our galleries. We try, at all times to ensure that any feature photos or videos are attributed to you. Marketing in our sector relies heavily on graphical material and it is important for you to understand that it is a great help to us, and very touching way of saying thank you. In light of this, we make sure that:-

  • We do not display photos showing your faces or in ways that those who do not know you can recognize you easily
  • We request your express permission to use photos in which you are easily recognizable. Some examples include, victory photos after reaching the summits of Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro, riding a boat, on a zip line, or other adventure or adrenaline activities. Photos of farewell feasts also fall in this category.

Our online media gallery has folder category grouping. Photos given to us for such use are stored in a folder that bears your name. There is a possibility of error in make such a grouping and this is rectified as as soon as is noted and a written apology sent to you. We encourage you to point out such mistakes for our immediate attention.

  • Our IT development team ensures that it is not easy for a non-technical person to download or copy such images or personal stories you have added to our blog
  • We consider it utterly unprofessional, unethical and act of gross misconduct to give or ‘sell’ your email address to any promoter out there


Further Contact Before or After Safari

We may send you special offers for holidays and vacations you can undertake in future, share with friends or co-workers, or even partner with us in our campaign by engaging travel agents in your country of residence. Such emails have an ‘unsubscribe’ link to make it easy for you to stop further emails.

You may have made a holiday/vacation enquiry or requested some of the service we feature on our website and for one reason of the other, failed to engage us for the same. We may send you special offers in future in our marketing campaigns. Such emails have an ‘unsubscribe’ link to make it easy for you to stop further emails.


Your rights to your personal information

  • You can contact us at any time if you have questions, concerns, comments, requests or complaints regarding our privacy policy or your personal information.
  • From time to time, we might review our privacy policy and make changes to it. If we do this, we’ll always highlight it on our website and, where appropriate, let you know by email.

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