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Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Trip Adventure Details


This is NOT really a Safari. It is a one hour adventure gliding over the skies of the Mara in a thrilling  dreamstime adventure that every safari goer should enjoy at least once. Your wakeup call comes early for a warming cup of coffee and then transported to the hot air balloon 'airport'. Here you watch as the mighty humongous piece is made ready and fired for the journey. At 5.00am is the take-off. 

Majestic 360 degrees panoramas to the far horizons of the Mara Savannah rolling grasslands and woodlands, riverine flora and more so, animals and thousands upon thousands of them (especially during the migration season of July to October) scattered all over and subduing the plains. The 'holy' moment comes at sunrise as the glowing star throws its first rays in a kaleidoscope of colors washing over everything and dispelling the mists of the morning

The travel party descends at 6.00am in the middle-of-nowhere for a fly-camp setup for a champagne breakfast. Eat well and then enjoy a game drive enroute back to your lodge / camp. A must do adventure especially with kids tall enough to view outside the 'basket'

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