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Nairobi City Tours & Excursions

A true safari begins at the Capital - Nairobi

The Adventure Begins in the Capital - Nairobi City Tours & Excursions


Nairobi National Park, Animal Orphanage & Nairobi Safari Walk

Locals prefer to visit the Animal Orphanage and the Nairobi Safari Walk at the gate of Nairobi National Park. Recent statistics show that these places are the most visited attraction in Kenya. The park is 117sq km.
Wide open grass plains and backdrop of the city scrapers, scattered acacia bush play host to a wide variety of wildlife including the endangered black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes and diverse birdlife with over 400 species recorded. Visitors can enjoy the park’s picnic sites, three campsites and the walking trails for hikers.
This  unique  wildlife  park  is  just  a  few  kilometers  from Nairobi’s  bustling city  center, with Nairobi boasting of having the only wildlife park to be found in city  precincts across the whole wide world.
Despite such  proximity, over  50  species of  mammals  can  be  found there, including  four  of  the  Big  Five  with  elephant  species  not being  represented.  The tour also includes a visit to the animal orphanage at the park gate or Nairobi Safari Walk.

 Daphne Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Elephant Orphanage

The Sheldrick’s Baby Elephant Orphanage is open 1 hour every day between 11am and 12 noon every day. Its one of the most visited attractions in the city of Nairobi together with AFEW Giraffe Center. See the baby elephants at close range being fed and playing. In addition, a keeper will give a brief about the orphans, when they were brought in, from what place and how they are doing

 The orphanage also takes in rhinos and the chance to see a young rhino is very high.  Continue to the Karen Blixen Museum, which for many years was her home. Break for lunch at a suitable restaurant in Karen area.
In the afternoon, visit AFEW Giraffe Centre to see and hand feed the graceful Rothschild Giraffe, an endangered species.

Nairobi City Tour

It is ever important never to say that you visited France, arriving into Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, had a wonderful stay and failed to see the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre-Dame de Paris among other key landmarks or failed to meet and talk to a few Parisians?

Visit Nairobi's Masai Market, Kazuri Bead Factory or Utamaduni Crafts Center to shop for sourvenirs.

Our wish as tour leaders and holiday organizers is that our guests a few hours to be taken around the city we know and help you create a journey experience that cannot be better without some photo memories of it. This is a tour of the key landmarks of the city of Nairobi. Take great photos of the city from the sloping Uhuru park, on the top floor of Kenyatta International Conventions Center, or from a hotel/restaurant in Upper Hill with sweeping views of the city and finally end the National Museum where spell-binding displays of the early man, tribal regalia and flora / fauna  of  Kenya.  A visit to the adjacent snake park adjoining the Museum is also included.

The Tamarind Carnivore Restaurant

As the name suggests, grilled meat is a great African delicacy from the days of the hunter and the gatherer. Swahili is "Nyama Choma". At Carnivore, you have a chance to be carnivorous for a few hours. Cuts from various species are sent round with expertly done exotic sauces only found here. A must visit this day and the end of the safari.

Suggested Itinerary

  • Start the day at 10.00am with a visit to Kazuri Bead Factory or Utamaduni Crafts Center or both.
  • Be at Daphne Sheldrick Wildlife Trust at 12.00pm to 1.00pm
  • Break for lunch in a suitable restaurant in Karen area
  • From 2.30pm to 4.00pm visit AFEW Giraffe Centre
  • Guests can opt for an afternoon game drive in Nairobi National Park when the sun lulls and the animals are out of their shades for browsing or hunting or undertake the Nairobi City Tour mentioned above
  • Dinner at the Carnivore Restaurant.
  • Overnight at your choice B&B hotel

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Request prices for this city tour and the excursions thereof. Indicate your preferences. More details about each attraction and planning to get most out of a stay in Nairobi will be provided by your Travel Specialist

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